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There are many types of raincoats that have good waterproofing ability and bring aesthetic high on the market today. Outstanding among them is the transparent raincoat of the company Son Thuy raincoat.

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Brand:Son Thuy

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Clear raincoats are designed in the form of rain coats suitable for motorcycle drivers. With a transparent color, elegant, but still very stylish so this shirt is a lot of users.
General introduction of transparent raincoats
Rain jacket throughout the raincoat was born not long ago but is used a lot and preferred. With the useful and useful that this raincoat brings
The jacket is water resistant, extremely waterproof and can show off your beautiful clothes just under the rain girdle.
Used transparent material should not block the light of the car, safer to move especially in the dark
It has a very wide frontal horn which can prevent splashes in the face when moving in the car
It's easy to see maps on your phone through a transparent overcoat without the phone getting wet
Bring a new feel to the user when going under the rain, easier to observe.
Material and features of transparent raincoat
Clear raincoats are made of pure PVC plastic, colorless. With a thickness of up to 0.12mm, it ensures complete user waterproofing even in rain.
Material makes the raincoat extremely flexible, durable, with large size to create the most comfortable feeling for the user when participating in traffic.
Where to buy raincoat throughout?
On the market there are many providers of raincoat transparent, however, to choose this raincoat with high quality come to Son Thuy raincoat.
We have many years experience in producing raincoats and is one of the largest raincoat suppliers in Vietnam. Not only that, Son Thuy raincoat also won many prizes by consumers.
Each raincoat produced here is applied the most modern technology of Japan, Korea, Taiwan. So, the product quality raincoat and diverse models, catch up the trend of modern fashion.
Quickly visit the website to buy transparent raincoats at the best price from the manufacturer.


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