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 Established in 2004, the Company has been owned machines, equipment and production line with modern technology of Taiwan, China, Japan and so on. With workers who are high-experienced and close-knit to the career of the Company during past 20 years, with professional designing system and close quality management, currently in the raincoat manufacture industry, Son Thuy raincoat is one of famous brands trusted by customers with high-class raincoat products. Up to now, Son Thuy Raincoat Company has achieved titles: - a patent monopoly granted by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam named: Raincoat with water trough-shaped hem. This hem prevents water from permeating through tooth lock- an important effect of raincoat. – A golden medal of Vietnamese high-quality goods accord to standards - Golden medal of Vietnamese high-quality goods selected by consumers from 2013 to 2016- Golden cup of coastal famous brand name- Title Product services for consumers in 2012- Top 100 golden products in the integration period and other certificates of merit.




Km no 5, Old Street 5, So Dau Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City
Telephone: (+84)313 528 009 - Fax: (+84)313 528 788 - Email: [email protected]

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