Wearing wedding raincoats

Weddings have 1-0-2: Guests wear raincoats, holding umbrellas to eat outdoors
Although it rained quite a lot, guests attending a wedding in Hung Yen still lingered in the costumes, the raincoats covered their heads, and the people took umbrellas to keep them from getting wet ... The wedding was a big day. With any bride and groom, so if you choose a beautiful day and it rains heavily, there is a way for the party to take place completely.
Just like the wedding in Hung Yen recently, although the rain suddenly came on the right day of the wedding and the party took place outdoors, hundreds of guests still tried to linger, use all means to cover the rain to eat, to congratulate happy young couple.Because the party took place outdoors, all guests had to wear raincoats to keep them from getting wet. Colorful raincoats create quite funny scenes.
According to the research, this is the wedding of the Vice Chairman of a famous corporation in Hung Yen, so hundreds of guests are invited to the party. Tr placed the outdoor deck, when the party took place it rained but all the guests still tried to attend. Some wore raincoats, some covered umbrellas, and some were covered with wet heads. All created quite a funny scene at the wedding. Despite the rain, but everyone still seemed quite happy. The food on the table is also covered with plastic from the wet.
Even so, the wedding still receives many greetings from the online community. "It looks funny, but the rain is lucky. I think it should be sympathetic to do so outdoors, or if you have a cover, people will eat and drink happier",


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