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K12 raincoat produced by SON THANH MANUFACTURING AND TRADING JOINT STOCK COMPANY has many advantages and the best price.

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Brand:Son Thuy

Product code:K12


Rain gear is an indispensable tool in today's erratic weather. In order to choose the right raincoat to suit your needs, you need to consider what. Here are the features and benefits of the K12 raincoat and are a perfect fit for you and your family.
Characteristics of the K12 raincoat.
With the features of the K12 raincoat below, you will not be disappointed buying it.
- The material is made from Taiwan's PVC plastic is very soft and tough and has good waterproofing so you will not get wet while going long in heavy rain.
- The high frequency plastic PVC paste is very stable and durable.
- This type of raincoat is standard size with sizes: 2XL, XL, L.
- Especially produced with many beautiful colors suitable for all ages.
Special use of K12 raincoat
- The K12 raincoat is made with super durable soft material that will make you feel good and comfortable while driving or while driving.
- Helps users with the necessary supplies but still not afraid of rain because with two handy bags on both sides of the shirt, small items such as: Phone, wallet, money, papers will not worry about getting wet .
- A water-resistant gutter brace, the outer knot is designed to prevent maximum rainwater from penetrating into the body.
- The sleeves are designed to hold the wrist hug, help you do not get entangled, or get wet from rain when driving the car.
- The pants are neatly designed not too wide. The pants are sewn firmly, so you can comfortably move without fear of entanglement. For the collar is connected to the hat so very handy.
The secret to choose a raincoat quality, versatile and durable use.
- First you should choose a branded manufacturer and you can be assured of the durability and functionality of the product.
- The K12 raincoat helps keep your body warm and waterproof when it rains


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