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Speaking of raincoats, now there are many types of raincoats with different designs of different designs on the market. However, the high quality k22 raincoat of Son Thuy raincoat is one of the most used raincoat products.

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With the benefits that raincoat brought many people have switched to raincoat instead of raincoat sets as before. Although compact, but limited shielding ability. And one of the most popular products is the high-end k22. Introduction to high quality k22 raincoat It can be said that raincoat especially the high quality raincoat k22 is the product of the best quality in the raincoat market today. Made of nylon fabric with excellent waterproof, waterproof protection for the road traffic in the rain.
Each high quality k22 raincoat is 100% PVC coated so it is safe to move in long-term rain without rain. In addition, this kind of raincoat is very thick with thickness up to 0.18mm. Especially waterproof, as well as the thickness than other raincoats, but high quality raincoat k22 does not cause heavy or difficult feeling for the user. Fabric material is high quality PVC coated fabric, so the raincoat has a very high durability, can be used for a very long time if properly maintained after each use. The product also has a tight seam, waterproof plastic seal road to ensure that the shirt does not tear if the impact. There is also a transparent plastic in the front and both bring aesthetic design and not cover the car lights if moving in the evening, help you move safely. Where to sell k22 high-grade raincoat? It can be seen that high quality k22 raincoats bring great advantages and extremely useful for users. Not only that, they also have a lot of color, variety for the user to choose.
If you are in need of a raincoat in these rainy days, come to Son Thuy raincoat. It specializes in supplying large quantity of high quality raincoats to the market. Received a lot of medals by consumers. All products raincoat here are produced on modern technology. Do not hesitate to contact the raincoat Son Shui through to buy high quality raincoat k22. See more: EASY BEDDING K7

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