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Children's raincoat with rim is designed with 100% PVC material makes the raincoat soft, light and airy.

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In the market today there are many types of raincoats for children so the choice for children a convenient raincoat is something that the father and mother are disturbed. With many styles, variety of designs and quality, children's raincoat with rim will be the most suitable option to ensure the safety of children in the harsh weather today and there. relative cost.
About the baby raincoat with fringe.
Children's raincoat with rim is designed with 100% PVC material makes the raincoat soft, light and airy.
This type of raincoat is sure to be waterproof even in heavy rain. Sleek edge design will give the baby the certainty as well as create more highlights for your baby.
Characteristics of children's raincoat with hem.
Raincoat is made of PVC plastic of Taiwan and has the following outstanding features:
- Available in different sizes, suitable for 4-12 year olds.
- Designed for children with colorful and cute shapes, cute to help her still stylish and lovely even when it rains.
- Large size, comfortable to cover the pair, fit the shape and age of your child.
- Children's raincoat with rim is made of waterproof material, durable, soft and comfortable for baby.
- There are gluing lines with good glue, sure.
- The design of the bat wings helps children feel comfortable wearing a raincoat of the right size, ensuring a safe rain cover and will not be overwhelmed when the rain over the baby's head.
Advantages of baby raincoat with fringe
- Wear easily and comfortably with soft and lightweight raincoat.
- A button with buttons makes it easy for mom to wear.
- Collared collar
Children's raincoat with rim is a product dedicated to the baby so the design is vividly designed, cute, with a variety of bright colors, fresh.
If you are looking to buy a baby raincoat with borders, please come to the company manufacturing and trading Son Thuy - specializes in providing quality raincoat to ensure quality baby. Call us at Hotline: 0934 093 888 or visit our website: for further advice.

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