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K22 is the highest quality type of raincoat. This is product used for 2 people.

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Product Group:Raincoat fabric PVC coated

Brand:Son Thuy

Product code:K22 TY


- Made from light and waterproof cloths which is coated 100% PVC plastic with 0.18mm in thickness

Ultra-light cloth coated PVC

 Ultra-light cloth coated PVC with high waterproof capacity, high softy, stability and comfort prevents rain water from permeating to your body. Besides, this material is also very light, which give you comfort and ventilation when wearing the raincoat. 

- The the raincoat has small form, bright colors and is compact, easy to fold and keep in good conditions. The design which is large but not heavy thanks to the ultra-light PVC material will make you comfortable when riding in the rain.

- Have solid stick lines.

- The product has solid seams. Seams are pasted a waterproof layer of special adhesive tape; therefore, the coat is tight and hard to torn. In addition, Son Thuy raincoats helps you avoid clotted rainwater as other types of raincoat thanks to the dry of parachute fabric, and the raincoat also dry quickly when shaking.

- Special design for motorbikes

With this special design for motorbikes, you will be safer in the rain. You do not have to worry that the raincoat covers light when riding. Moreover, motorbike will be less resisted by wind, will not spray out water to the followers and the raincoat will not rolled into rear tyre.

- There are many colors for your selection.  

Raincoats have fashionable color for you to choose: green, black, blue, bright grey, grey, sky-blue, violet, lotus pink, celadon, pink,…

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