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K22 is the best quality raincoat today

Published date: 02/07/2017 -  View: 1956

Product Group:Raincoat fabric PVC coated

Brand:Sơn Thủy

Product code:K 22


K22 is the best quality raincoat today - The fabric is extremely waterproof, 100% PVC coated, 0.18mm thick Super lightweight PVC fabric Plastic material coated with PVC soft ultra-high waterproof plastic durable, soft and comfortable, completely waterproof, ensuring that rain water does not penetrate into your body. - fashion style Rain coat is bright color, lightweight, easy folding and storage. Large, lightweight design with lightweight PVC will give you the most comfort when driving in the rain. - Road sure The product has a tight seam, seam seams were sealed with high-grade sealing tape so the shirt is very watertight and difficult to tear. In addition, Son Thuy raincoat will help you avoid the rain like any other clothes, you will not have to wash many times due to drainage of cloth and even when the rinse is also extremely dry. - Designed specifically for motorcyclists With the product designed specifically for this driver, you will be safer when driving in the rain. You will not have to worry about the raincoat blocking the light when driving. - Many color for your chose Raincoats have a variety of fashionable colors for your choice: blue black, blue, light gray, blue, purple, tubular, lotus, pink, pink ...

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